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Conporto Platform

Connecting health information

Conporto Platform is a secure Health Information Exchange (HIE) that enables third-party services to query, integrate and exchange health information and messages from disparate, geographically dispersed patient information systems.

Conporto Platform

The Platform can connect disparate sources of structured and unstructured data e.g. from GP practice management and pharmacy dispensing systems, to DHB EMRs and national repositories or services, e.g. NZePS and NHI.

Specific service implementations are based on security and privacy by design principles. Most notably, health data access is processed on-demand and presented in real time using a standardised API—a different paradigm from traditional data aggregation (repository) methods.

The Platform’s point-to-point secure messaging capabilities coupled with real-time information federation are presented in user interfaces designed to serve critical healthcare scenarios, from an integrated view of patient records, to detection and mitigation of harm events and secure messaging. This enables healthcare staff in any location and setting, especially emergency and immediate response, to access and exchange vital patient information.

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